What Is Desire

Last night I accidently played a romantic Chinese series on Netflix. Two episodes down and I saw myself binge watching it for the whole night. Trust me it was not a series worth doing binge watching (I’m more of a sci-fi-action-thriller girl) but I ended up doing it anyways, reasons for which I will tell 

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Sex Scandals and Fantasies!

“Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn reverence for life until we know how to understand sex.”  -Henry Ellis Sex scandals are happening almost every day. News is filled with endless account of possibly normal people who have turned into criminals due to their sexuality. The stories of childhood sex 

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Does Sex Have Any Age?

Many couples who are busy juggling jobs, managing children and domestic duties, at some point or the other become experts in dodging sexual contact with their partner. The arousal, heated passion and the erotic love making, becomes a casual routine sex and for most no sex at all. In most of the marriages that I 

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