My Friend – Kwon

This is a story shared by one of our veteran readers. Thanks for sharing the story with everyone…. (Name kept anonymous)

It was June end of 2002, I had joined my BSc course in the University after completing my schooling. All my friends of SSC had opted for other courses, while i was left alone in this stream.

First day of college I stood at door deciding where should i sit…Professor in college had seen glimpse of me in last 2 years and i was among few people familiar to them.

Standing at door I saw some serious studious guys, a group of girls (not so impressive) and was waiting for some more late comers.

Suddenly I saw a chinki guy… beeaming white skin color sitting alone at last. His name was Park Young Kwon.

I thought, let’s go and sit there and maybe even humor myself a little on the first day. As session progressed, I realized he doesn’t know English. What ever professor said he use to look at my notes, type in his electronic directory and then copy the same in his notebook.

Since then we started sitting together and he was my new bench-mate. Never had anticipated that two people who couldn’t even converse in a common language, would end up becoming friends…

In August month, Kwon had improved his English a lot. Due to his charismatic nature, he had also made many more friends in class. People got friendly with him and he started enjoying his time with all new friends.

In those days, mom use to send me DD for my expenses. In August, the DD got delayed and I had nothing but dried pocket. Unfortunately in last 2 days I was unable to contact any known person from whom i can borrow money. I stayed empty stomach on water for 2 days. Next day i went to college with no food in stomach and no money in pockets. After the 1st lecture, during the break I was sitting at my desk, head down trying to conserve energy, feeling too hungry.

Kwon came to me and shook me. I looked up and saw him removing his wallet and place it on my hands.


Trust me, I thought it is my imagination or some scene from a movie. How can a person who doesn’t even know my language can understand that I’m hungry while all other people in class who are of my own country could not make it…

That statement became the stepping stone of our life time friendship. Believe me till date, just my “hello” makes him understand what I’m going through even if he is sitting miles away.

But i really feel why Kwon is not a girl???

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