L. I. F. E

What exactly is life, we all wonder. Here is a very interesting perspective sent to me by one of the veteran readers…

Think of putting life in equation, it goes:

LIFE = Controllable Variable/Uncontrollable Variable. Just think about it. To make life easy there cannot be a better view to look than this…

But the game changer occurs when you need to plot things under the 2 categories:

  • Controllable Variable – Things u can do
  • Uncontrollable Variable – Things which others have to do

To make life perfect and happy, one has to keep Controllable variables high and Uncontrollable variable low…

Don’t know how much of above I said makes sense to the readers….But yes, we cannot ignore it. Try to fit this equation in your life lived till now and you will probably realize the beauty it could add if we can understand it to the fullest…

When you are born, till childhood there are hardly any factors that would fall in numerator so u hardly make things happen in life at this point. Only thing is to do well what you are asked to by your parents or teachers.

When you enter adult hood and start a career, the value of the numerator starts increasing as you now start controlling things in a better and bigger way..

The next phase is the final one and here the degree of numerator and denominator depends on outcomes of first 2 phases and plays pivotal role in not only making one’s own life beautiful but to help others to live happily.

You can really put this formula to use in your practical life but it fails when it comes to people and emotions in life. If you try to alter or leave any one of it, you will lose the charm of living life. “TRUTH DOES NOT REPEAT, IT JUST FOLLOWS”.

When you are born you have parents with you, what if you lose one or both of them during/half way of life? You make friends but only few can read your hearts, what if you lose them half way of life? You commit yourself to someone (true love happens only once), what if you lose them half way of life? For emotions it gets difficult to get aligned every time if these instances occur frequently, which leads us to kill our emotions. Thus, although we live but it’s not what we were born as. We then actually start living life just because are breathing, with lesser reasons to be alive…

The half way journey will always pull one down and he/she will have to build up through self resilience… But this will never repair the damage done, as true relations are just few for an individual born. No matter how good or bad you are as a human being, this will happen to each of us.

But still we can try our hands to rebuild life in each of the phases in a new way…. But it’s easier said than done!!

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