It’s been a while since sex has been off agenda in our marriage. While there could be many reasons to blame like hormonal imbalances, new born child, busy work schedule, etc., I personally feel the reason is iPhone.

My husband is addicted to his gadgets, he carries his iPhone everywhere, near bed, in bathroom, while driving, there is just no rest for the poor old device. He checks his phone before sleeping, immediately after waking up and while entering home after work.

Whenever we go out also, he is either talking to someone or browsing something. The infomania is so severe that I feel the iPhone is his first wife and I’m the second.

When we first started dating, he would give lot more attention to me, we would have dinners where talks would continue endlessly and today he talks more to his smartphone while I site mute and sulk. Pre-smartphone time, we would cuddle in bed and watch late night movies no matter how boring it was, now I watch movie and he prefers to sit outside with his gadgets.

Sometime back I watched a movie where there was a comparison between how good it would be to have a mobile phone instead of wife. While it was an attempt to humor the audience, it left me thinking, is it true, do men really prefer their smartphones than their ladies? The movie gave comparisons like, “phone can be switched off at will, but wife keeps talking non-stop”, “ringtone can be changed, but wife just keeps shouting at same tone”, “phone can be changed, but you are stuck with same wife” and so on.

I started digging and it was just not me, there were many other couples glued to their smartphones who preferred to browse on their gadgets rather than talk to their spouses. That’s not correct, right? Shouldn’t there be some cut off time where you simply switch off your phones after coming home and give time to your better half.

It would be really nice to once in a while go back to old generations when there were no smartphones. Smartphones are sure making people smart but dumbing relationships.

I understand that work is important, we all are becoming busier and busier professionally. I know it’s not fair to get frustrated when he picks up calls during dinner or prefer to email a client over sex in bed, but maybe if there was a time when we both simply ignored our phones and gave dedicated time to each other, we could become more appreciative of each other’s work life too.

I’m not a very complaining or demanding person, but once in a while it’s good to reconnect with someone to whom you said “I Do”. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time talking to someone who is already charged up rather than the phone that needs to be plugged into wall every night to charge?


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