Do Women Really Want Gender Equality?

The world has been making huge progress towards gender equality. More women are taking up college degrees, working in top corporations and even taking up originally presumed as male appropriate jobs. Even in parliament, women have started taking up major cabinet posts that give them both authority and power. However, there is one realm where 

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What Is Desire

Last night I accidently played a romantic Chinese series on Netflix. Two episodes down and I saw myself binge watching it for the whole night. Trust me it was not a series worth doing binge watching (I’m more of a sci-fi-action-thriller girl) but I ended up doing it anyways, reasons for which I will tell 

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The Loneliness of Togetherness

Before marriage whenever I used to meet my couple friends, I would always feel like a 5th wheel, like an outcast. Family functions were worst, I could hear my relatives whispering behind my back, “poor soul, she is still single and so lonely”. It was true to a certain extent as well, I didn’t have 

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