We all have to do what we have to do! We are born with responsibilities and we simply need to fulfill them no matter what, there is no running away. We crib, we hurt, we cry with what life brings for us, but we do those things anyways. A friend of mine doesn’t like his job and dreads going every morning, but he has to go in order to feed his family. My colleague was recently offered a lucrative job in a far off city but was thinking about whether success was worth leaving his old parents alone.

Sacrifices! We all need to make them at some crucial times in our lives. While some of us have to do them regularly, some not so often, nevertheless each and every sacrifice is not ordinary.

Sacrifice is not an easy thing to do. A true sacrifice is to give up something which means a lot to you. If giving up something is easy and not painful then it is not sacrifice, it’s more like getting rid of it. For e.g., you clean up your closet and take out 10 old clothes to give away and feel happy that you did sacrifice then I’m sorry to say it is not, it is simply clearing up the junk to make space for new clothes. Now if you took out a brand new dress which you have never worn and give it to charity that would be sacrifice.

If we look back in history, one of the greatest sacrifices is when Abraham on being asked by God took his own son Isaac as an offering to him. That is sacrifice in the purest form where his love for God was above anything else.

Why we do what we do?

To do or not to do a sacrifice comes from heart. The reason could be any, feeling of love, money, family or even God. Every sacrifice is measured by the end result, what we are looking to achieve by doing it. How big is our sacrifice is weighed down by our priorities and principles filtered through our perspective, the same factors that define the path of success. The depth and gravity of our deeds define how much we value things and people in our lives and what lengths we are willing to go to do what we need to do.

Our end goal needs to have a strong conviction, we cannot have deviating feelings or else we will be torn in different directions by our own emotions and we will let other people make our decision. If you are in doubt then always prefer to say a NO rather than making a needless sacrifice which your heart is not fully into.

Life is not always about being successful as per the standards defined by this materialistic world, life is about leading an eternally significant life where you do things that are not just for yourself but for people around you. Are you willing to pay the price for it?


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