“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” – It is a famous line from ‘Forrest Gump’.

It is so true though, we always keep planning things only to encounter the most unplanned incidents in the path.

Today was a day which gave me recall of a long lost part of my life. It took me back to my old school days when I was just a young teenager of 12 years. I had a classmate who was very shy but would always keep looking at me from crooked eyes or try to get involved in things I would do. Let’s call him John for now just to keep things simple in case he comes across this post one day.

John would never speak to me, probably he was too scared. But I knew and in fact the entire class knew about his feelings for me. I was just a kid and never really took boys seriously. For me sports and studies were the things that mattered the most.

Years passed by, we kept graduating from each class but I assumed that his feelings had faded with time. Eventually we left school and moved on to pursue different career paths.

I hadn’t spoken to him since then, when suddenly one day he happened to search me over Facebook and sent me a friend request. He was an old friend and I accepted his request.

We started chatting and that is when I came to know that he never got married. It’s almost 15 years since we left school but his feelings for me never died. He told me, “I fell in love once, and I can never love someone again”. He never told me directly that it was me, but I could sense in his voice.

The entire incident made me think, things that we assume in life are never the same. There are always hidden meanings beneath the words that we say.

I had never felt for him the same way, but after hearing those words, I realized one thing, feelings of the past can never be forgotten if they are true and one will always keep searching for that long lost love.


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