Are you betrayed in love by someone? Did someone reject your proposal? Well here is the solution, “Buy our cheap acid and throw it on face of the person hurting you”.

This could easily be the marketing mantra for people who are selling acids in general stores. After all it is a cheap product, the sellers never question why someone wants to buy and they really don’t care also. In fact concentrated acid is so easily available that you can buy a whole bucket of it and drown someone in it and it would hardly cost you few dollars.

Acidic Crime

Crime against women is not something new. Women since ages have been abused, harassed, beaten, raped, trafficked, killed by lovers, fathers, brothers, uncles, friends and strangers. Women continue to suffer, and yet they love men because that is how God intended them to be.

But of all the crimes, the one which is most cruel is throwing acid. Sulphuric Acid – a commonly available chemical which is used in labs and households for multiple purposes. I still remember the time when I was in my school and we were to do some experiments in the Chemistry lab. Our teacher warned us that Sulphuric Acid is one of the most dangerous chemicals and we should handle with care. Even a drop on our body can cause tremendous pain and burns. Little did we know that this chemical is used by men around the world as a tool to prove their manhood over women.

Are Men Cowards?

A girl is being proposed by a guy, but she refuses. She does not like him, and she says that bluntly to him. Being a man how he could face rejection, he would be a laughing matter among his friends. So, he decides to show off his manliness, buys a bottle of concentrated acid, gathers two of his friends, and throws it on the girl while she is sleeping. They all laugh while the girl is crying in pain and go away leaving her alone.

The girl is left scarred, possibly blind and without any hope for future. She was punished for using her fundamental right of choosing her life partner. The guy being a coward, could not face humiliation, uses a deadly weapon to show off how powerful he is.

A girl faces rejection in her life countless times. Rejection at birth of being born as a girl, rejection during interview as she is not a man, rejection for marriage as she is not beautiful, and many others. Life is always tough being a girl, and yet she is strong enough to survive everything and stand strong. She does not carry acid in her purse throwing at people who reject her. She learns to adapt and grow ahead.

But men are men and they will always try to find cheap ways to show how powerful they are. They don’t care if the girl is left faceless, or continues to suffer in pain, they just know that they were somehow able to take out revenge.

Are There No Laws?

The question that arises is that why is acid still being sold so easily in stores around the corner? Why there are no regulations on what type of acid can be sold, where and how? If the crimes related to acid attack are so much on rise, then why are people making the laws sitting and doing nothing about it?

I agree that acid is a chemical applied to everyday use in houses and labs and people do need it. However, what I fail to understand is that why the sale of this is chemical not limited? Concentrated acid should be made illegal. Instead diluted acid should be available in stores which people can use for cleaning purposes.

Moreover, it is not just about how men get hold of acid, it is also about the ease with which they escape from being imprisoned. Some easily get bail, and others are able to get their jail term reduced to 2-3 years only. These criminals roam around freely threatening the victims and searching for other victims to attack.

Crime against women has always been taken as an easy subject, something not to be very strict about. Maybe the lawmakers are men themselves and thus, till date no strict law has been implemented against such crimes.

In my opinion life imprisonment or life sentence are too easy for men who commit these crimes. If men need to be taught a lesson then they should be given what they give. If they throw acid on someone, the victim should be allowed to throw acid on him. If they rape a woman, then their genitals should be cut off. An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, this is how we will be able to fight crime in this world and teach a lesson to these criminals.


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