There is a constant chaos where I live…I don’t call it my house because I’m living with my husband’s parents so technically it’s their home..

From the moment you enter the house, chaos starts, someone is shouting on someone, someone is cribbing about something, no one really seems to be happy with each other.

Family time is more about arguing over something or just keeping quite and having food. We are 5 people in the house and if my memory serves right, since I have come here (3 years back) the only family time is for 30 minutes each day when we all have dinner together. And most of that time is spent in silence with TV making the required noise to break the silence. Rest of the time is spent in watching TV alone in separate rooms or with the mobile phone.

I have been to a lot of family homes of my friends and while on the outside they do look like happy families, but on the inside I personally feel all are same.

Where is Peace???

I personally feel it is the fault of civilization. We evolved from animals and then slowly we started living in caves, then huts and then brick houses. Animals don’t have homes, they just wander, they don’t have uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and thus, you don’t see them crying, or shouting or fighting on a tree (unless it is for a common prey). Our ancestors got it right, we were good when we were individuals, but when we attached relationships to these individuals and opened up Pandora’s box of chaos.

You can call humans as social animals but inherently we are not, we are solos and we work best solos. Just imagine a scenario, you live alone, all by yourself. You get up in morning, you eat whatever you want to eat (there is no one to please so you get to decide your own meal), you go to work, you decide what you want to do in evening (you don’t have to take anyone’s permission for that), you come back home and just do what you want to do. There is no one bothering you with clutter you are making by throwing clothes around, or complaining about the bad food you made, or shouting about making a mess in the kitchen..

We might love to socialize, but we sure love our space too. We are not programmed to live together, our predecessors were not, how can we be any different. We ourselves complicated our lives and then started blaming others for destroying peace. Just one question, when you have chaos at home, don’t you prefer to leave house and relax somewhere alone?

We try to call ourselves the smarter breed but we failed miserably by creating relationships, homes and emotions. PEACE was there all along, until we decided one day to start living together and kill PEACE.


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