We call ourselves to be part of a democratic society, a liberal society where individuals are sovereign and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for others.

I will live my life my way. When I was young I had a strong belief that when I become an adult I will get to live my life the way I want.

But I was wrong. Family, bosses, friends, government, neighbors, society began to force themselves into my life and control it the way they wanted. As I kept growing, the freedom to live my way became lessor and lessor. Come to think about it, it was much better when I was a kid. As years passed by, situation just kept becoming worse as more and more people starting getting involved.

The more I wanted to break free, the more I was being caught. More laws, more regulations, more bans, more prohibitions, all the possible things that could take away my freedom were being enforced on me. I have been a strong believer of the theory “Live and Let Live” and since many years I have been a tried to explain it to the people around me. But it looks like many people have resorted to these external forces and given up the will to live in freedom, live their own life the way they want.

When I think of this, I’m reminded of few lines from the famous song by BioHazard

No one can stop me from living my life my way

my beliefs are all I’ve got and I’ll

take them to my grave

Don’t try and help me, just stay the fuck outta my way

I live for myself and I’ll die by what I say

Friends change, neighbors change, government changes, but the new ones also want to do the same thing, control you, force you to bind yourself by their rules and make you let go of your own freedom.

We got the freedom from Kings and Queens (except England) but we never will get the freedom in real sense unless we are allowed to live life the way we want. It does not mean no rules, no regulations, no discipline, but it means getting freedom of speech and freedom of rights. If today I want to go against the hypocrite religious authorities, I should be allowed to do so. I should be allowed to select any career I want for myself. I should be allowed to marry any person I select for myself. I should be allowed to work wherever I want to. Is it too hard for people to understand that they are not owners of anyone’s life? Whether I do right or wrong, it is my call and I’m willing to face the consequences, but please people backoff, I don’t need someone to direct the movie of my life.

So far I have not been able to succeed in this. But the fight to get my freedom is going on and hope so one day I will also say, I’m free and I’m living my life my way.


2 thoughts on “My Life, My Way

    1. Wish it was easy. In the battle of heart and brain, I have always seen heart take over. But I strongly feel, we need to define what we want and not let anyone encroach our spaces.

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