We are born, we live and we die, this is life. Life is the most fragile, unstable and unpredictable thing that exists. There is only one sure thing about life, it isn’t over, till it’s over.

Our each day starts pretty much in the same way. We get up, take a shower, have breakfast and go to work. But there comes a day when you are walking on the road, sipping your coffee and talking on phone that suddenly a car comes and hits you. A sudden flash comes in front of your eyes and you bid your final goodbye to the world only to leave your loved ones behind to mourn and bear the pain of your leaving.

My day today also started pretty much the same way, but when I came to office, I heard about a close relative of a friend passing away. It all happened in an instant and there was nothing that she or anyone could have done to change the outcome. It’s saddening to hear about the pain, about how we have been achieving advancements in medical science only to be lost by the unpredictability of life.

When life is suddenly interrupted by a tragic or traumatic event, it can seem that the world has come to a screeching halt. Murders, assaults, and tragic accidents that occur without warning are particularly disturbing and difficult to manage emotionally and are a constant reminder that you will also die one day. While grief or sympathy is an expected reaction, another feeling is also tapped following a tragedy: a frightening sense of helplessness and vulnerability. Life becomes scary and unpredictable.

Last night when I was lying in bed, just about to go to sleep, I started having a sudden panic attack: “This is not going to remain like this forever, I’m going to die and I’m never going to see the people I love or experience the amazing things this world has to offer”. I felt helpless, panicked and shocked. For the moment the pain in my chest seemed controllable and I assured myself with calmness and positivity that everything will be all right. I started focusing on God and praying to keep me alive and my loved ones alive.

As I was lying there in my bed, praying to God and thinking that I’m going to die someday and the people whom I love will too, some words echoed in my ears and the voice sure seemed to come straight from the heaven (well, it can just be my imagination out of panic but the words seemed to hold such a deep meaning).

Me: This is it. It’s going to be gone soon.
God: I know.
Me: What do I do?
God: Enjoy it.

It made me realize that, whether I like it or not, this life is going to be gone at some point. It’s a thought that sometimes haunts me, sometimes makes me feel less-than-positive. I find myself wanting to shakeup my entire life and relive everything again just to feel more alive.

Whenever I’m about to go to sleep, the feeling of being mortal creeps into my mind. Maybe it’s the darkness and silence of the night or the guilt of not doing the things I should have done during the day. Whatever it is, the fact that I will die one day makes me more conscious and grateful about the fact that I’m breathing right now.

Using Death to Enjoy Life

Some people live an adventurous life, they are not afraid of death. They attempt to do scary stuff just to look into the eyes of death and challenge it. But for me, death is the end, end of an era, end of a lifetime and thus, it tells me how important it is to make the most of what I have right now. The notion of death motivates me to start living and not just breathing.

Not only for me but for everyone who are afraid of death, don’t let that fear stop you from living your today. Do not let the notion of death make you dwell on the shortness and unpredictability of life, instead use it to motivate you to live life to the fullest and embrace each day with open arms and a big smile. Don’t give up just because you are mortal, use death as an end goal to live life to the fullest.

Live Today as You Never Know What Tomorrow Holds!


3 thoughts on “The Most Fragile, Unstable and Unpredictable Thing – LIFE

  1. Hi! I liked your post and I agree with you. I can say the same tnihgs but isn’t always so. 3 years ago i was afraid to die from cancer. I wasn’t ill but fear made me fell sick.From those days my life have completely changed – job, people, places. And now I know that I live and I know that I will die some day. But I’m not afraid of it.[]

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