Having lived as a human for almost 40 years, I have come to the following conclusion:

  • Humans are the worst creation of God for those who believe in the theory of God creating the Universe.
  • Humans are the worst form of evolution, so bad that living species stopped evolving after that, this is for the scientific mind who believe in Darwin’s theory.

No need to judge me, I’m a fellow human just like the readers of this post, member of the most privileged species, sitting at the top of the food chain and working towards destroying the planet all the while pretending to care for it. But I hate our species and their existence (including myself, I would have loved to be born as an Eagle).

So why do I hate humans? 

There is no one liner answer to this, I have sat across them, tried to understand them, listened to them, watched them and have always been confused by what is the purpose of humans on this planet. Till date, I have not been able to find an answer to why we exist and maybe this is why I hate human species – we are a purposeless breed that have no use on this planet and with or without us, this planet will survive (probably flourish without us).

Humans are just stupid!

Predominantly as a species, we have two main traits – Laziness and stupidity.

A lot of animals are also lazy so it’s probably a genetic thing, so let’s not discuss laziness.

However, stupidity – that’s something which is in abundance and it’s ironic because the only advantage we have over animals is our brain cognizance which was supposed to make us smart but it actually ended up making us stupid!

I agree that we have had some smart minds Einstein, Newton, Madam Curie, Picasso, among others but considering our population, the smart people ratio would probably be 1 in billions.

Let me give some examples of why we are stupid:

Solar Energy – It’s no-brainer that the sun is the greatest source of energy on Earth, so some smart men decided to use solar energy to power the planet. Great idea, but then came research that large-scale solar panels can affect nearby wildlife so we need to be extra careful on how we use it.

Transport – First we used animals to transport which was later banned because of animal cruelty. Then we started using fossil fuel powered vehicles, which we realized is not good because fossil fuel is not renewable and combustion of fossil fuel generates a lot of pollution. Then we switched to electric battery powered vehicles, although they don’t cause air pollution but will end up causing a huge pile of discarded lithium-ion batteries which are harmful to the soil and non-biodegradable (not to mention the geographical impact due to all the land mining that is being done to find lithium).

Plastic – When plastic was discovered, it instantly became a huge hit. People all over started using plastic for carrying things, it was just too easy. Then came environmentalists who said plastic is non-biodegradable, it’s harming marine life and now we need to switch to paper bags. Then climate activists said, don’t use paper bags as paper is created from trees and we cannot keep cutting trees. So, now we are supposed to use cloth bags which people were anyways using before plastic was invented!

Religion – This is one touchy subject for the majority of humans. They worship invisible beings, give them human forms and hope that all the problems of the world will be solved by worshipping some fanciful human-form. It would all be fine if there was just 1 invisible god to worship, but since we are at the top of evolution, we were not satisfied with 1 god theory, so we made 100 different invisible creatures to protect us. Now, we are at a religious war, fighting with fellow mortals to prove which invisible God is stronger and better. Honestly, till date, no God has come down on earth and saved anyone in the war, people on both sides have lost lives irrespective of how pious and devoted they were.

Fast Food – When restaurants discovered fast food, it became a sensation. It was easy, quick, processed food, all you had to do was heat it up and eat. Worked well for a self-created atrociously busy lifestyle that we are living. No one needed to cook nutritious meals, we could just eat fast food. Fifty years later, we evolved into health freaks and now we want to eat unadulterated – home cooked – healthy food, which we were eating anyways before fast food came.

I think I have made my point, which is that as humans we have done pointless inventions and then rolled them back at the cost of our own health and that of our planet. We could have continued to live with nature, but we wanted civilization, industrialization and growth. Ironically, people are now going and living in forests to get away from all this growth around us.

People can counter and say that we have made some amazing discoveries – vaccination, drugs to cure diseases, landing on the moon, etc. But were these discoveries needed or necessary to survive? We are just stupid species, we were given a beautiful planet, we destroyed it by making atrocious buildings and roads and now we sit and cry and try to preserve what’s left. By each passing generation, we are becoming dumber and dumber and keep on making mistakes that will bring us closer to doom than destined, I just hope that these 100 gods will probably come at that time and save the religious fanatics.


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