This question has been answered countless times, and yet still remains a mystery. Honestly, I also don’t know the answer to it because what I personally want will change from situation to situation. However, one thing that I know for sure is the fact that women don’t want the silly things these rom-coms have been showing since long. Having never found that one true love we all grew up hoping for, I started to think of men as not a need but a wishlist, one that I could do without.

I don’t hate men and I’m not a feminist, I personally hate all humans, but that’s probably a topic to discuss in another post. For this one, I wanted to just try and understand the elements these movies have been showing about what women want!

Element #1 – Money

This has been among the most important elements in all the romcoms, poor girl trying to make ends meet, finds a very rich man, falls in love and lives a happy life. I wonder if the situation was reversed, if the girl was rich, would she fall for a poor man? Or if the girl was poor, would she fall for a poor man? Most importantly, if a girl is from the 21st century, successful in her career – would she even care about how much the guy is earning? I probably wouldn’t, I already have enough money to survive and occasionally splurge, what additional benefit the man’s money will add to the relationship?

Element #2 – Romance

Now this one is really stupid. In today’s busy lifestyle when we barely are able to coordinate between all the Google meets, Zoom calls and Team meets, it might be just a buzzkill if one partner is in a romantic mood and the other comes home – too tired to even notice! Maybe it would work if both can sync their calendars and put in a date and time for being romantic. Personally, I even miss anniversary dates and it’s ok, life is too short to fuss over such things and probably I’m not the ideal woman, I like to prefer being spontaneous instead of pretending to go with someone else’s mood. No, women from this century don’t want a romantic partner who will plan a romantic date and continue to sulk and pout if you were too tired to play along.

Element #3 – Confidence

This is the most hilarious one in my honest opinion. It’s a known fact that men hate confident women because it puts a dampening effect on their masculinity, then how the hell they figured that women would fall head over heels for a confident man. No, women are not waiting to be rescued by a shining knight, they can carry pepper spray, learn martial arts and take care of themselves. 

Element #4 – Good looks

This one is interesting because men feel that they look young forever. Have you really seen an old man with a big beer belly and hairy chest? Words of wisdom which probably no man was ever taught – Looks fade! I would personally not want to be with a fitness freak who can fall dead in a gym anyday or a handsome young man who is so full of himself that he would want to date an arm candy. Looks are something you are born with – you cannot change them, so the only trait I would want in my man would be to dress well and not be sloppy.

In today’s world, life is too busy, work is too hectic, peace of mind is an outdated concept and men overthink what women want. We are really simple people who just want someone smart to talk to and someone who can make us laugh, we can usually take care of the rest of the things by ourselves. We don’t need men unlike men who cannot survive without women (who would cook, clean and do laundry, right?), but it’s nice to have them around.



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