“These Pancakes just tastes horrible, has no taste at all”, commented my mother as soon as she put one bite in her mouth. I tasted it then, yes it was not that great, kind of OK for me. But the comment was hurtful. It was not that I deliberately made bad food. I put in the same amount of effort, same amount of time, just my sheer back luck this time. Plus I’m not in Master Chef Competition that I’m cooking to be judged, so yes I don’t handle criticism well when I sweat in the kitchen and my efforts are not appreciated. I know the comment was not a deliberate attempt to hurt me, but oh well when we all know that the taste is bad, then why say it out loud. Appreciate cooking of someone

We all do cooking, sometimes out of passion and sometimes out of force. Even if we are experienced in cooking and have been doing this for past many years, the end product is not always the same. Sometimes it’s burnt, sometime tasteless and sometimes just finger licking delicious. But the effort to make that food nevertheless most of the time remains the same. You take out time from work, cook something for your loved ones, only to see them making faces and passing comments that the food is bad. It’s not a good moment for anyone who has spent the past 1 hour sweating in the heat trying to come up with something nice.

I guess it is an inherent nature of most of us to comment openly. But some people like me are lucky enough to have that someone special who will always appreciate your effort and not say anything to hurt you. They know that you also know that food is not good, so why say it out loud to make you feel bad. That’s true love, when you support your partner no matter what, see the hard work he/she has put in and not judge based on the outcome.

Cooking is just one scenario, but this theory applies to all of us in our day to day activities, when we shout, fight or abuse our loved ones on small activities that ended up as failures. In fact we ourselves are the failures coz we fail to see the efforts they have put in, and just see results. Always remember to not hurt someone just because they are not good cooks, open your eyes and see that they are making an attempt to keep your plate full.


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