Every single person probably knows the tipping point in their previous relation when they changed their status from “in a relationship” to “single”.

The point at which someone walks away is never simple and straight. One can be in an unhappy relationship for days, months, or years and just keep enduring each day because being alone is lot more difficult than what you are facing right now. And yet still there comes a point when you raise up your hands and say “enough is enough” and simply walk away.

Men and women are programmed differently in terms of the way they think and react. Women have lot of patience and are often known to look the other way even when they know their partner is cheating on them.

However, men are different and I have often being confused as to what exactly would be a tipping point for men to walk away? When does it start becoming an inconvenience for them to come home to clean house and fresh home cooked meal on the table?

I ended up asking this question to few of my male friends. While some men did state the obvious about not having enough sex or getting tired of routine sex, I did get some interesting reasons that would look hilarious on the outside but apparently were serious enough for them to opt for breakup.

Reason #1 – Hair all over the place – When your house starts to look like a jungle with fallen hair all over, its time to opt for a cleaner place.

Reason #2 – No interest in sports or politics – Apparently some men can only talk on 2 topics i.e. sports and / or politics and if the girl is not interested in either then its an issue with them especially on sports night when she would want to watch a romcom instead of match. Surely that’s a trouble point!

Reason #3 – Cleanliness freak – So men like to keep things dirty, we all know that. However for some men, too much of cleanliness can be an issue if they are constantly being nagged for picking their wet towels and dirty clothes lying on the bed.

Reason #4 – Too much alcohol and narcotics – Girls are often branded as being the wise ones who know how to keep their liquor in check, however, girls who can drink more than men are often not for keeps.

I’m sure when you read this, you would wonder that surely these cannot be actual reason for someone to give up and move on but sadly its true. These days relationships are getting shorter and shorter, with people becoming more and more intolerant. Most of the breakups today leave the dumped person confused and surprised because they never saw it coming.

Personally, I think it’s about the expectation levels that we set in a relationship and it’s about time people start recalibrating them. It’s just unrealistic to expect one person to satisfy intellectual, physical and emotional needs. We are not perfect and we shouldn’t expect our partner to be either. We need to be open about these imperfections else we will keep hopping from one partner to the other in the eternal desire to find the “one true love”.


2 thoughts on “What is the tipping point in a relationship for men?

  1. Every lone ranger knows that there was a specific point in time in their last relationship when they decided to trade in their coupled-up status for that of being single, alone and on their own. But then something triggers something in your mind. Something propels you to get up and decide that enough s enough. Something – and it could be big or small – makes you stop and think that eating dinner for one and paying the rent on your own is a better option than the life you re now leading.

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