We read the story of Romeo and Juliet, think about the undying love they had for each other and start feeling that in fact first love is the true love. It might be for some but I personally feel that falling in love at an impressionable age can seriously damage your future love life. My first love was Tom Cruise when I saw him walking out of the aircraft in Top Gun holding his helmet in one hand. Boy! Did he look breathtaking or what, I was literally heads over heels for him but surely that cannot be my true love, right. In fact if I look back into my generation, I don’t think there was any girl who didn’t have a picture of Tom Cruise above her bed or under her pillow. Does that mean that all those girls had Tom Cruise as their true love? Certainly not, I hope!

Whether it was a high school sweetheart, your first real relationship after college, or the first person you said “I love you” to, chances are that you still hold fond memories of that person in your heart somewhere. There is no harm in having memories of the past, but if those memories make a constant appearance in your fantasies then it’s a sign to think again.

We all have at some point of our lives experienced a heart break from our first love and feel that our life is now over. We say to ourselves, “I will never love anyone the way I loved her/him”. We are devastated and we think that life has no meaning without him/her. And then comes along someone else who doesn’t sweep you off the floors, who does not make your heart skip a beat, but someone who cares for you, who understands you and who accepts you for who you are. You share thoughts, words and emotions that are not only sensual but deeply meaningful. That my friends is indeed your true love and you definitely should not lose that person over someone who is now just a fleeting memory of your past.

For me true love is a lifetime of experiences. True love is like a plant, you sow the seeds, put water every day and watch it grow. True love builds over time and has potential to last forever if cared for properly. True love is not about reaching the peak of orgasms, true love is a commitment made forever. It is so special that it fills your heart and explores emotions that directly touch your heart. True love is for lifetime as it brings together your soul, hear and mind. You become friends, lovers and share each and every thought and feeling. True love is sensual, passionate and sexual. The bonding is so deep that you forget who you are but what you have become. It’s a lifetime experience of flirting, talking and eroticism, it is not a one-time thing.

I do not say that first love cannot be true love. Even true love can start out as first love and grow through and survive all the stages of a relationship. The person with whom you get to experience happiness and pain apart from just kissing and sex, is your soul mate and your true love. It could be the first person you set your eyes on but if it is not then do not hold that person in your dreams coz it could spoil your relation with your real true love!


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