Have you ever loved someone and then become obsessed with that person, making it the center of your life and arranging everything else around it? Did you think that only after you have that person in your life would you be totally relaxed and happy?

I have also done this and I’m sure almost everyone has done this at some point in his or her life. For those you actually got the person they were chasing, how did it feel in the end? Were you happy and relaxed? Did you feel that now you will live happily after like in fairy tales?

Unfortunately in reality when two people come together, they just don’t connect physically, they also connect emotionally. What you are thinking becomes more important than what you are wearing. Mere presence of the person in your life doesn’t satisfy the need to be loved because the more you live with someone, the more you come to know of the madness of the other person and the other person knows your madness. Anger and frustration fills the place of love because you feel cheated. Cheated because you realize that the other person is not the same person with whom you thought you fell in love.

Love is a myth in my opinion. You don’t love a person; you love an idea of wanting a person in your life because currently that person is not there in your life. You love the adventure of unknown emotions that you think will make you happy. However, once that unknown becomes known, the entire idea of love turns into something sour and regretful because that challenge of chasing the unknown is over.

For e.g. imagine you are poor and you dream of becoming rich. You work hard each day because you don’t want to live in poverty. Now you are rich with lots of money and luxuries, does that money hold equal shine for you now as before?

It’s same in a relationship. You like a girl, you desire her day and night but she is not interested. You become more and more obsessed about her and it sort of becomes a game. Boy chasing the girl, girl in spite of knowing about it withdraws but not completely, she stays in sight looking pretty. After this long game of chasing and escaping eventually girl says yes and then the tide turns around. Girl starts chasing and boy starts escaping because he no longer can value the girl and girl is missing all the attention she was getting.

I have heard from so many people that when they were dating, things used to be amazing. They would feel extremely connected with the other person, they could converse for hours, in short they were made for each other. After moving in together or after getting married, things changed. They wondered that how can someone so connected become so distant now.

I think humans are not meant to settle down, even the ones who have settled down look up at the sky and envy the birds who keep chasing the endless space while living in a bliss of freedom.


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