It’s official. Humans are the biggest screwed up breeds on this planet ever. Yesterday after being coaxed into, I watched Star Wars…Just like all the other movies about aliens and life on other planets, star wars related to war in space. Apart from cinematography and acting, there was nothing new to offer. There is a good side and there is a bad side. Bad wants to destroy all planets and good wants to destroy the bad. Last thing that binds all the creatures is amazing deadly weapons and super advanced technology. After watching this most hyped movie, one thing I realized, we humans are an angry, uncompromising, stubborn, war-minded species and so we assume that if ever there is life in outer space, they would be fighting over power just like us.

Why cannot we think that aliens would be living happily and in peace? Why is it our inherent desire to put our stupid emotions, hate and greed into every creature on which the movie is made – be it aliens or animals.

Now take for e.g. lion king – I loved that movie as a kid, but now when I watched it again (the new one that came in 2019), I realized how fucked up that movie was….I mean baby lion goes far away from his habitat because he thinks that he is the reason his father got killed. That’s not all, mamma lioness refuses to marry the wicked lion and prefers to let her herd starve. Seriously, don’t they know that animals don’t do this nonsense business of marriage and loyalty. They probably hump 100’s of other animals without worrying about what the previous one would feel.

Agreed, humans were placed at the top of the food chain because we were supposed to be smartest of the lot. Unfortunately, we messed up so much that we have lost the basic essence of life only. The worst part is that we feel that the way we are living is better and animals and aliens should also take our example and live like this.

I honestly feel and hope that if there was an alternative universe, they wouldn’t be fighting like us or living the way humans on earth live. I think it’s time that tables are turned and we actually learn one or two things from animals instead of humanizing them all the time because human brains is nothing but destructive, angry and unstable organ. Next thing we know, we will start humanizing plants and flowers also in the next film to come. So if in 2020 a new film comes about forests fighting with each other, I won’t be surprised.


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