Rape, the word itself gives you chills and you instantly feel empathy towards the victim and anger towards the culprit. Rape crushes a woman completely but what happens when there is no physical assault but an assault on a woman’s soul.

At birth, a child is a child. A child doesn’t know that he/she is going to live in this monstrous world where he/she will be treated differentially based on the gender. This cruel world doesn’t spare even a newborn and girls are buried alive or killed because they are girls.

If a girl is lucky then she would be killed at birth but if she is unlucky then she will have to suffer for the rest of her life for being a girl.

I’m listing down some of the challenges that a girl faces in her life, some might experience all and some only few but they still face it nevertheless. This list is mainly based on my experiences / surrounding in India so might not be applicable for modern civilizations where girls are not treated as bad.


The first challenge will come when there would be a boy and girl both in the family (brother and sister). By default it would be assumed that the girl even if she is younger is supposed to take care of the brother in absence of mother. Now remember, the girl is a little child, very young but she is expected to be mature enough to know how to take care of children and house when mother is not around…Why – but obvious because she is a girl. An unlucky girl will be born with a brother sibling but a lucky girl (hopefully a single child or one with a sister sibling) will be able to survive this challenge and grow up not knowing why a girl and boy are differentiated.


The kids have grown to 4-5 years and now it’s matter of sending them to school. If you are a poor family then you can only afford to send 1 kid and obviously it’s profitable to send the boy because he should be educated so he can support family later. Why waste money on a girl’s education, who will eventually leave the house to live in someone else’s. Girl is supposed to be a burden and son an investment. A lucky girl will either be born in a rich family where education is affordable or be born without a brother sibling. However, if a girl doesn’t have a brother sibling then she would be in for a big shock when she goes to school. An unlucky girl will not be able to go to any school and will be taught to cook, clean house and ensure that the brother who is going to school is well taken care of because after all isn’t that a woman’s job.


While the brother would be becoming smart by going to school and participating on competitions, the girl would be trained to cook various cuisines because she anyways has to become a homemaker and she should know how to satisfy the tastebuds of her husband and in-laws. Isn’t why the girls are born anyways, some unlucky ones who are not killed at birth need to be groomed to fulfill their duties of filling the tummies (don’t forget child caring skills are already getting groomed by taking care of the brother). However, for those girls who do get to go to school, they are made to sit at home in evening while her brother gets to go and party with friends. Reason – boys are not good these days so the girl should learn to sacrifice on entertainment. Fair enough, it’s anyways a girl’s fault if a boy sexually assaults her.


Here comes the biggest challenge for girls when they turn 18, marriage. While a girl’s marriage is a burden on parents since they need to pay a hefty amount to a guy so that he would take this burden off their hands. So it doesn’t matter if the girl likes the guy or not, parents know best and they decide to put their burden on the heads on any man who they feel is suitable. Stupid girl dreams of love because she has seen too many Bollywood movies, but well reality check – marriage is not about love. It’s about the fact that the guy is getting a maid for free who can cook, fuck and care. Best part – A girl doesn’t even get to keep her name, because it was anyways not her name to begin with, it was her father’s (how can girls even have their own identity, the thought is ridiculous)


For those who have been trained to do this for their whole life, this is the easy part. All you need to do is sleep after everyone has slept and wake up before everyone wakes up. During that entire time, do everything in the house apart from getting tired. Anyways women can never get tired because secretly they are all wonder woman who can do everything and never complaint.

But for the girls who went to school, became smart and were working before marriage, this is the toughest part. These girls were never taught how to cook or be a homemaker, so they panic. But its all right, today Internet teaches anything and these girls are smart enough to become master chef by watching YouTube. Life is somewhat balanced when suddenly they realize that their paid leaves are over and they need to get back to work. Here we will bring the elders in picture who cannot understand why the girl needs to work now that she is married. They got her to take care of their son so they can retire so if she starts to go and work who will do that job.

So the girl is forced into bringing a child in the world because how can a mother leave the small kid and go anywhere. Very smart idea, killing 2 birds with 1 stone – They get to keep the girl in the house and also get entertainment with the kid. Who says oldies are not smarter than young generation, in my opinion they are smartest!!!


Finally the girl is old after practically being a baby sitter for her brother, husband, in-laws, kid for the whole life. She herself needs someone to take care of her now. But well the son whom she took care till old age has left her, husband is as old as her so she just accepts the fate and dies. Well death also doesn’t leave without taking something away from her. For most of her life she was using her husband’s name and that is also stripped from her when she dies….


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