The lucky ones are good at decision making, whether the decision is good or bad is something that is immaterial, the main point is that some people are good at taking decisions on their own.

However, if you are unlucky like me who cannot decide on anything and always keep swinging back and forth between various options that life throws at us, then welcome aboard. I started writing on this blog in 2010 and since then so many people approached me with their confusions, we kind of formed a confused-support group where we could share and help each other. To narrow it down, I jotted few traits that I found to be common among all confused peoples.

Trait #1: Non-stop questioning, just like an inquisitive toddler

You just need to question, life, job, career, marriage, and even birth. I have so many times gone and asked my mother, “Mom why did you give birth to me”. We just don’t know why we are here and if we are here then what are we supposed to do. Is the job right, am I married to the right person, should I wear blue or green? Even the simplest of the decisions feel a big task.

Trait #2: We find decision making time the scariest and always prefer someone else to take it for us

I have realized that the scary part if not to take decision; the scarier part is the consequences. We are so confused that once we make a decision, we constantly worry that someone will come and accuse us of making the wrong decision. Recently I had some remodelling done in my house, I left the task of deciding the layout, design, colour, everything to my mother. Not because I feel my choices are bad, but because I was afraid that if things don’t look good in the end, I would be blamed. Better to let someone else call the shots while I live in peace.

Trait #3: People around us get irritated with us constantly struggling with even the pettiest issues

A normal person can never understand why we take so much time in deciding whether to order pasta or spaghetti in a restaurant. But for us it’s about whether we will like what we order or not. Do I want to sit there and keep rolling the fork or just pick one by one and eat the damn dish. Whenever I’m out shopping or going for movie, the other person tends to get super angry with me trying to figure out what’s taking so long.

Trait #4: You tend to end up wearing same set of clothes each week 

Now this might not be applicable to all, but when you are a confused person, one thing you take comfort in picking the same set of clothes that you wore last week (even if your closet is loaded with lot more). You wore something last week, you know it looked good, so why bother with something new which will leave you confused. This trait is debatable but it sure applies to me, maybe not always but most of the weeks.

Trait #5: Always blaming someone else for your decisions and wondering why you took that decision in the first place

Whenever I have a fight with my husband, the first thing I say to him, “I don’t know why I ever married you”. Even though you might have taken years to decide whom to marry, but in times of crisis, we end up questioning our decisions and put blame on the other person for making you do what you did.

Life is always filled with riddles and it’s so tough when you are a confused person. So guys if you are a quick decision maker then please bear with confused souls like us!


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