Confusingly Lost

Screwed Up Human Brains!

It’s official. Humans are the biggest screwed up breeds on this planet ever. Yesterday after being coaxed into, I watched Star Wars…Just like all the other movies about aliens and life on other planets, star wars related to war in space. Apart from cinematography and acting, there was nothing new to offer. There is a 

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Sexy or Provocative

I recently was approached by Glam Hunt to do a  write up for them. I thought what can I write that is witty, fashion related and also is confusing as I’m. So I picked up theme as fashionably sexy. Here is my first writeup Happy reading!

New Forum For Confused Souls

Since I started writing this blog in 2011, I have received hundreds of messages from people who are confused and lost just as I used to be before I started penning down my thoughts here. Be it a romantic relationship, office issues or marital differences, confusions have haunted us at some or the other point 

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