Reality Check – Whether You Are a Confused Person or Not?

The lucky ones are good at decision making, whether the decision is good or bad is something that is immaterial, the main point is that some people are good at taking decisions on their own. However, if you are unlucky like me who cannot decide on anything and always keep swinging back and forth between various options that life throws at us, then welcome aboard. I started writing on this blog in 2010 and since then so many people approached me with their confusions, we kind of formed a confused-support group where we could share and help each other. To Continue to read the rest of the article…


Thou Art the Ruler of the Minds of All People – Dating and Marriage Customs in India

India’s national anthem, Jana Gana Man, translated to English means Thou Art the Ruler of the Minds of All People. To put down in layman language, someone who can rule the minds of people will be victorious. In India, sadly even after calling us a progressive nation, developing so much in IT and infra, a person himself cannot rule his own mind. Society, rules, customs, ideologies and what not, there are various name labels to how our love life shapes us. Step 1 Dating: The first step to a relationship is dating. You can argue that nowadays in the modern Continue to read the rest of the article…


Sexy or Provocative

I recently was approached by Glam Hunt to do a  write up for them. I thought what can I write that is witty, fashion related and also is confusing as I’m. So I picked up theme as fashionably sexy. Here is my first writeup http://blog.glamhunt.com/sexy-or-provocative/. Happy reading!


Do we simply make wrong choices or just change our minds later?

Decisions, something we all take everyday, something we deduce by loads of methods. Action – Consequence, Good – Bad, If – Then Reasoning, these are some of the methods from a large list for making decisions. But our changing minds always keeps us thinking whether the choices we made were right or wrong. What were you thinking? It’s a familiar cry of bewildered public who try to understand why you took that decision. How does a teenager who knows all the about drinking and driving end up in a drunk driving crash? Why does a girl who knows all about Continue to read the rest of the article…


Why My Sister Didn’t Leave Her Alcoholic Husband

My sister, 35, watched her husband, 40, lose his business, friends, family and possibly in future trust of his 1.5 years old toddler (if the habit doesn’t change). It’s not easy to live with an alcoholic and it saddens me to see how my sister is undergoing the same that my mother went through when my father was drinking (thankfully he has stopped now). But time always hardens you and motivates you to hold on no matter how bad things look like. It’s very easy to imagine a drunk as a vagrant roaming on the streets or sitting in car Continue to read the rest of the article…


Did I do the right thing?

Maybe Not….Maybe Yes, but I will probably never know. This is one question that keeps bothering me almost everyday with one or the other decision that I take. Should I have worn the red dress instead? Is the make-up too much? Should I still be friends with him? The list just goes on and on. We are all always stuck in the dilemma of whether we did the right thing or not. We can just never be too confident about the choices we make in our life and hence these pain-enduring confusions. My husband recently bought a new car, a Continue to read the rest of the article…


New Forum For Confused Souls

Since I started writing this blog in 2011, I have received hundreds of messages from people who are confused and lost just as I used to be before I started penning down my thoughts here. Be it a romantic relationship, office issues or marital differences, confusions have haunted us at some or the other point in life. I feel a lot of us have similar issues and we jointly can help each other to come out of this phase. Keeping this thought, I have started a forum on the blog for us like minded people to come and share our Continue to read the rest of the article…


Can’t Stop Stalking Online???

Every other day when I get bored from work, I login to my Facebook account and start browsing through the profile of my friends (so-called Internet friends whom I have not met or spoken to in ages). Hours go by before I realize that I need to go back to work. It’s weird that I’m intrigued with what my friends are doing in their personal life, where are they working, which places they visited, are they married, do they have kids, etc. I’m not an addict, I work on computers whole day, so Internet is an integral part of what Continue to read the rest of the article…


The Murder of Peace!!!!

There is a constant chaos where I live…I don’t call it my house because I’m living with my husband’s parents so technically it’s their home.. From the moment you enter the house, chaos starts, someone is shouting on someone, someone is cribbing about something, no one really seems to be happy with each other. Family time is more about arguing over something or just keeping quite and having food. We are 5 people in the house and if my memory serves right, since I have come here (3 years back) the only family time is for 30 minutes each day Continue to read the rest of the article…


Did You Get Into a Relationship for Happiness?

Few days ago, I went to a party where bunch of people were talking about their relationships. “Just being with my husband makes me so happy that I feel I’m on cloud 9” “Thanks to my spouse, I finally found happiness in my life” “I’m done with my husband, he just doesn’t care about my happiness” “Why don’t you leave your husband, you deserve to be happy too” I was surprised, did all these people get into a relationship so that they could be happy or unhappy depending on outcomes? I couldn’t control myself from thinking, why have these people Continue to read the rest of the article…