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The Murder of Peace!!!!

There is a constant chaos where I live…I don’t call it my house because I’m living with my husband’s parents so technically it’s their home.. From the moment you enter the house, chaos starts, someone is shouting on someone, someone is cribbing about something, no one really seems to be happy with each other. Family time is more about arguing over something or just keeping quite and having food. We are 5 people in the house and if my memory serves right, since I have come here (3 years back) the only family time is for 30 minutes each day Continue to read the rest of the article…


Did You Get Into a Relationship for Happiness?

Few days ago, I went to a party where bunch of people were talking about their relationships. “Just being with my husband makes me so happy that I feel I’m on cloud 9” “Thanks to my spouse, I finally found happiness in my life” “I’m done with my husband, he just doesn’t care about my happiness” “Why don’t you leave your husband, you deserve to be happy too” I was surprised, did all these people get into a relationship so that they could be happy or unhappy depending on outcomes? I couldn’t control myself from thinking, why have these people Continue to read the rest of the article…


Do You Want to Break-Free Too?

Since I started writing on this blog, I have had many people share their stories of confusions with me. Recently, one story touched my heart and I felt the need to write this article. This is a story about a young girl in her late 20’s who is going under a severe depression phase. All attempts by even the most reputed doctors have been in vain. She just wants to be alone and not do anything. I spoke to her several times and asked her to get out, go for a world tour, a hiking trip or try something which Continue to read the rest of the article…


The Loneliness of Togetherness

Before marriage whenever I used to meet my couple friends, I would always feel like a 5th wheel, like an outcast. Family functions were worst, I could hear my relatives whispering behind my back, “poor soul, she is still single and so lonely”. It was true to a certain extent as well, I didn’t have a partner to dance with, I didn’t have someone to walk hand in hand along a beach or go on romantic vacations. I thought, once I get married at least I will have someone by my side forever, someone who would be there to tend Continue to read the rest of the article…


Do Men Prefer Smartphones More Than Their Ladies?

It’s been a while since sex has been off agenda in our marriage. While there could be many reasons to blame like hormonal imbalances, new born child, busy work schedule, etc., I personally feel the reason is iPhone. My husband is addicted to his gadgets, he carries his iPhone everywhere, near bed, in bathroom, while driving, there is just no rest for the poor old device. He checks his phone before sleeping, immediately after waking up and while entering home after work. Whenever we go out also, he is either talking to someone or browsing something. The infomania is so Continue to read the rest of the article…


Long Live Marriage, Long Lost Love

When we say the words “I do”, we hope to live the rest of our lives with our better half. But is it possible that when we have lived long enough together, we no longer enjoy each other’s company? Nearly 35 years ago, my parents tied the knot and vowed to be there for each other in better or worse. During the initial 3-4 years they would celebrate their anniversary with a big fan fare, never missing an opportunity to remind themselves of being in love. But after a lovely 4th anniversary party, responsibility of 2 children, financial woes and Continue to read the rest of the article…


Are Modern Women Too Independent?

Apparently, we women have some a serious problem. We have something in ourselves that we are not able to sustain a relationship for long. I know, I’m shocked too at this revelation, but unfortunately its true. Last week I happened to meet a very old friend of mine. She was very successful in her career, recently working at some senior management position, but still wasn’t happy. Her 1.5-year-old marriage, which finally had taken place after 10 years of courtship, was in trouble. When she confronted her husband to understand what had changed, he said, “you are too-independent” you don’t need Continue to read the rest of the article…


Does Every Modern Marriage Need a Breathing Space?

Divorce rates are increasing day by day. It’s sad but true that people can so quickly walk out of one of the most sacred relationship whose foundation is guided by vows of togetherness taken in front of the almighty. I’m not against divorce per say, if two people are not compatible, it is better to break apart and live individual peaceful lives instead of suffering the unsaid everyday. But what is saddening is that in many cases it happens due to interference from the parents especially if you end up living in a joint family with in-laws. I got married Continue to read the rest of the article…


What Happens Before and After Marriage?

Recently I stumbled upon a series of comic strips of before and after marriage scenarios. I’m sure a lot of people would agree: Source: http://beforeandafterstuff.com/


How About Asking “Who I Am” Instead?

Any normal conversation you pick with a stranger, the first thing they would ask you, “What do you do?” I wonder, what I do for a living doesn’t have anything to do with who I am and yet a strange person is all set to form a complete characterization of my identity based on this one question. That’s why it is annoying that all our conversations have to start with the dreaded question, “what do you do?” As a society, we are obsessed with our jobs. Our obsessions stretch to a level where our profession becomes our self-identity and our Continue to read the rest of the article…