Should you fight with your parents because of generation gap or just accept what they say because they are parents?

I started writing this blog at a time when my life was confusing, I didn’t know what to do, whom to believe, where to go, you know the usual issues that we all face (at least I would like to think that we all face such questions and I’m not the only lunatic around).

Although with my writing I have been able to untangle some of the confusions but there are so many things that still baffles me. One of them being parents.

Two people decide to procreate and bring a new person in this world, why? So they have someone who they can train better than a dog and use that person to obey them and do everything that is asked to?

Parents are the first authority figure that a child sees and gets familiar with in this mean world. They have a funny way of showing authority, first they would shower you with all the love, buy gifts, do everything for you and teach you right and wrong (whatever that means according to them). Then a time will come when you would be old enough to reason and you would want to stand up to them but cannot because you are taught that parents always know best for you and they are the ones who can decide right and wrong on your behalf.

Parents never teach children to question authority because they don’t want to undermine their own authority when they teach children bullshit. I have loving parents, there is no denying that they gave me best of whatever they could, but one thing which they should have given to me was the feeling of being a grown up. What is with parents always wanting to claim their seniority, “oh dear, no matter how big you are, you would always be our little child”. That’s just bullshit. Here’s an eye opener for all the parents – You have become old, your children have grownup, you are still living in 19th century so please stop messing around with your grownup children and get a pet dog to train instead.

I mean no disrespect to the elderly but hey, if you continue to tame your 30-40 year old grown children and expect them to obey your authority then you for sure have dumb kids who never learned to grow-up, no fault of yours here.


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