Every one of us has at one point of time fallen in love or so they think they have. It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it – amalgamation of all the feelings like anxiety, racing heart, panic, euphoria, sleeplessness, right?

It feels amazing to be in love, to want to be with your lover all the time, to keep talking / messaging all the time, to dream of walking on a beach hand in hand, to sit and watch the sunset together after hard day’s work, and most important – to imagine the thought of living happily ever after just like a fairly tale story.

The entire concept of time changes when you are in love – time seems to fly by when you are together and feels like eternity when you are apart. Love makes you feel that there is no end to togetherness and a strong belief that the relation can last forever.

Relationships end but love doesn’t

Couples breakup all the time. Married people get divorced frequently; sometimes they divorce after 25 years of marriage (that’s a lifetime in itself). Yet the memory of the person who you once loved doesn’t end when the relationship ends. Memory survives whole life unless you get alzheimer.

I personally feel that humans were not meant to be in relationships. When you start putting tangible labels to something that is intangible, it’s doomed to expire. Everything in a world that can be described in words and is bound by certain set of guidelines has an expiry date.

Hence, a relation expires but love survives. Love is a feeling that cannot be defined in words, it means different things to different people, has no true bookish definition. Love has no boundaries, love has no measure, love has no guidelines, love has no rules – love is just there like air, you can feel it but not touch, you can breathe it but not smell, you can sense it but not see.

A relationship on the other hand is measurable; it comes with expectations, desires, demands, compromises, disappointments and failures, things you quantify. We often define how good or bad a relation is in terms of time as if the number of years of togetherness is a metric to define success of a relation. People often say, “We are happily married since 10 years”, “we are dating since 3 years”, etc. A relationship is lot of hard work, it needs to be nurtured, it needs to be taken care of and hence when people stop putting in effort, it fails.

Love is eternal, it doesn’t need efforts, its just there, living in your soul as a feeling that doesn’t end….love has no expiry, no measure, no dimension because love neither spatial, nor timely, love is just an abyss with no end.


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