Everybody was talking around me and laughing heartedly, yet I was unable to hear what they were saying. I was sitting among a crowd full of people and yet I felt lonely. I could see the lips moving but didn’t understand the words. I felt disconnected from the people, I felt disconnected from the external world.

The frenetic pace of modern society and the need to be very financially successful to blend in the society has made us disconnect from people who love us and care for us. Our work situation increases our loneliness. We forget to stay connected with others or perhaps we never learned since we started working.

Why I felt disconnected is something I cannot comprehend for sure. But, it has probably to do something with losing touch with my inner strength and guidance. By becoming caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle that is an integral part of our lives right now, it is very easy to neglect connection with our real inner self. We tend to place far too much importance on what we are doing, what we are thinking and the material achievements and possessions that we have or want.

Our true being is what we are after stripping away the external aspects of our lives. Our reality is what we are without a job title, without money, without possessions and even without relationships. If asked us to live in reality without all this, we would panic with fear and probably this fear is what keeps driving most of us in pursuit of success, love and possessions. I don’t say that we shouldn’t have these things, we do need wealth, achievements and loving relationships but the trouble comes when these things become a strong need and we feel that without them we would be nothing.

We live in a materialistic trap of life which makes us lose our connectivity with inner self and we forget who we really are. The physical trappings are merely decorations to hide the real us, and we often find them unattractive and ugly yet we crave to want them more and more.

In the race to achieve so much, we live in fear and negative belief that always prevents us from connecting. Since childhood we are told that we are flawed, sinful and wrong. A lot of negative forces surround us forcing us to forget our real self and run behind something that is really not present.

I think this is what probably happened with me. I lost connection with myself and in the process lost connection with the world and people in that world. I suppose by developing a strong connection with our inner self, we can avoid feeling disconnected and lost. Just like our laptop, if there is some internal fault, how is it going to work properly?

I really need to gather myself and connect with myself. It would take a lot of courage considering the strong negative energy that surrounds me telling me to run, run and run away from who I really am. But if I’m able to connect with the inner truth and wisdom that I have, I will be able to connect with the world in a positive way.

All it takes is some positive energy and persistence and the world around you will suddenly feel colorful and happy. So start connecting and stay positive!


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