I still have a picture of the day which seemed to me the happiest day of my life. I look at it every day to remind me of happiness and a hope that such a day will come again.

A friend of mine was worried about her future, didn’t know whether she will get a job or will her marriage work. She was desperate enough to do anything to make things better. Suddenly, the ad on TV mentioned about a Tarot reader who could predict your future and give solutions to problems. She started thinking, should she give it a try?

In office, I met a colleague who kept worrying about promotion and finding girls. He felt his looks were just not good enough. One day he looked at the ad about a spray that can enhance masculinity and possibly attract girls. He was thinking of placing the order for it.

My next door neighbor kept failing his exam repeatedly. He was so frustrated that he was on the verge of quitting college when his friend gave him his lucky pen which always got him high scores. My neighbor went to give the next exam with that pen hoping to pass this time. Nothing else according to him worked, maybe this will.

We all have one thing in common, we are frustrated with what life is offering us right now and we want to get better things. We are convinced that there are things out there somewhere that can make life better for us. We have tricks, prayers, rituals, amulets, and various other things to influence a situation. We feel the situation is out of our control and we somehow want to influence the outcomes by these tricks. In a nutshell, we are simply trying to live by in this frustrating world.

We all are full of questions: When will I get married? What does my future hold? Where is the truth? How will my day be? We are scared of the untold future, we cannot bear uncertainties and we feel beaten down by adverse forces of fate. In order to beat the future we appeal to whatever means possible to find some solace. If we read news, possibly everyday you will find mentions of numerous appeals from reading everyday horoscopes to human sacrifice in the name of God.

If I were to believe the fact that God in fact did create human life then why not let our future be handled by him. If something happens, maybe it was God’s way of dealing with us. The beauty of life is that it has everything for us in store, happiness, sorrows, success, failures, smiles and tears. When I was a kid, my mom always used to say, “don’t be sad today, coz after every bad day God has planned a good day for us”. If not by God, we still can make an attempt to make things better not by some tricks but by our deeds. If a job is frustrating, leave it and do something that pleases you. If you don’t think you have a happy marriage, then gather courage and talk to you partner. In life you have only two choices if you are frustrated, either you can quit or you can work in the right direction. Even God likes to help those who are worth helping. Who would want to bet on a lame horse?

If you feel that you are trapped in an endless hole of darkness and groping for a hint of light or you feel powerless to face the brutal assault on your life by the ruthless world, then let the fear and frustration go out of your heart and mind right now. They are the limitations that hold us back. We don’t need tricks or techniques to get our way, we all have what it takes to find our way – The Power to Be Ourselves!


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