Humans are naturally awful creatures – aggressive, self obsessed, wild beasts that need to be tamed. If we were left to our own mind, we would rape, murder, and cheat through life while trampling on the weaker ones. Thankfully, we have the civilized guiding force of religion to steer us towards the right path so that we can enjoy the bliss of paradise after we die.

Not my words, these are words of all the religious leaders who have self-proclaimed themselves to be the master of humanity authorized by the Supreme master himself – the God.

Human psychology is an extremely mysterious study, even after wasting centuries trying to study human brain, it somehow still remains a puzzle. However, one key element that dominates all human brains is fear. Fear of death, fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of getting sick, the list is endless. Religion has survived due to the overwhelming sensation of one’s own sinfulness, followed by recognition of human helplessness and utter dependence on God’s mercy for salvation. Fear single handedly has played a huge role in attracting people to religion in hope of atonement for their sins.

Maybe there is a superior being at the top watching all of us but that superior being cannot possibly be the guardian of religion that drives power from fear of people and focuses obsessively on the devil. Since childhood we are taught, “don’t do this, god will be angry”, “don’t do this, satan will come”. Every religious doctrine just talks about things one shouldn’t do else Satan will capture us and boil us in a big vessel of hot oil after death. The fear of the Lord is the rise of wisdom for humanity, fear Lord and stick to his rule book because Satan and his little gang of minions are always lurking around trying to lure you to commit sin.

Religion in reality doesn’t teach us to fear Satan, it teaches us to fear God because Satan is just another word for temptation that God doesn’t agree with. Satan is someone who tempts you to have sex before marriage and God is the one who forbids you. Giving in to the Satan will let you have pleasure even if you are not married and fear of God can probably lead you to virgin death without experiencing orgasm if you fail to find someone to marry. Oh well, don’t be dismayed because if you do fear God then who knows you might get a chance to get fucked by pretty damsels of paradise who surely would be better than the earthlings.


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