Apparently, we women have some a serious problem. We have something in ourselves that we are not able to sustain a relationship for long. I know, I’m shocked too at this revelation, but unfortunately its true.

Last week I happened to meet a very old friend of mine. She was very successful in her career, recently working at some senior management position, but still wasn’t happy. Her 1.5-year-old marriage, which finally had taken place after 10 years of courtship, was in trouble.

When she confronted her husband to understand what had changed, he said, “you are too-independent” you don’t need a man.

In order to give a second shot at her sinking marriage, she decided to take a break from work and try to be an ideal housewife. She barely survived 2 months and went back to work. Her long work hours, an independent lifestyle of 10+ years and a strong liberated women-oriented attitude couldn’t let her stay at home. She was so used to doing all the things herself that even small tasks like fixing a bulb, which usually husband’s boast about doing, she would do it.

Eventually her husband started feeling left out and started getting closer to his ex-girlfriend who was clingy and always needy. She made him feel like a knight.

I remember my mother always saying, women are born delicate and weak and they need a man in their life to take care of them. I didn’t realize it then why she said it this way. I started earning in my mid-twenties, started living alone by myself, earned a decent amount of money and had good friends. In all, I was happy and healthy I didn’t need a man in my life until I met my life partner. We dated for 2 years till we finally decided to tie the knot. The day I said, “I do”, I realized, I didn’t need a man in my life to take care of me, I need a man to love me and make me complete.

My mother was right to a certain extend but her theory changes slightly with modern women.

I called my friend the other day, I told her what my mother told me but with a twist, “dear, you might not need a man but your man needs you. Make him feel that you are not complete without him and no matter how much money you earn, how many friends you make or how competent you are in changing bulbs, he will always be the one whom you would love.”

A relationship should never be based on needs. If a bulb is broken, you can call the repairman to fix it, but if your heart is broken, you would always call the person you love!


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