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Whose Child Is It, Anyways?

A child – One of the most precious gifts of God. From the moment he is born, he fills our hearts with happiness and joy. But whose child is it anyways? God Says – It is mine coz I have sent him from heaven directly in to the mother’s womb. At least that’s what happened to Mother Mary. Mother Says – It is mine coz I carried him for nine months, feed him my milk and stay awake whole night so that he can sleep well. Father Says – It is mine coz scientifically it wouldn’t be born without my Continue to read the rest of the article…


The Greatest Feeling – Let Go and Be Stronger

“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.” ~Dalai Lama We all want to be happy, feel good about our lives, and yet we get attached to things that bring us nothing but grief and pain. A job, home or friends, there are so many things to which unknowingly we get so attached that if changed they leave us heart broken. But one lesson that I have learned in my life is that in order to become stronger, you need to let go things that make you Continue to read the rest of the article…


Baby Naming Conundrum

I’m going to be a first time mother soon, in approximately 7-8 days and we are faced with the first of the many problems – Naming of our child.  Ideally, choosing our own baby’s name should have been a fun, inspired endeavor, but we are facing the worst of the baby naming problems. Too many suggestions: Me and my husband had started off selecting names privately which we kind of finalized as well. But apparently, all other family members also were thinking on their own. My mother-in-law wanted to keep name of her choice, my father-in-law apparently went with what Continue to read the rest of the article…


In Search of the Long Lost Love

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” – It is a famous line from ‘Forrest Gump’. It is so true though, we always keep planning things only to encounter the most unplanned incidents in the path. Today was a day which gave me recall of a long lost part of my life. It took me back to my old school days when I was just a young teenager of 12 years. I had a classmate who was very shy but would always keep looking at me from crooked eyes or try Continue to read the rest of the article…


Acid Attack, Really? Have Men Fallen This Low?

Are you betrayed in love by someone? Did someone reject your proposal? Well here is the solution, “Buy our cheap acid and throw it on face of the person hurting you”. This could easily be the marketing mantra for people who are selling acids in general stores. After all it is a cheap product, the sellers never question why someone wants to buy and they really don’t care also. In fact concentrated acid is so easily available that you can buy a whole bucket of it and drown someone in it and it would hardly cost you few dollars. Acidic Continue to read the rest of the article…


Confessions of An Escort – What they think about Sex, Love and Fun!

Recently one of my clients came to me with a requirement to make a website for an elite escort agency. It’s not a usual request, but I eventually took up the work just to get some diversity in my portfolio. The website is simple, it lists online profiles of various escorts, you can browse through them, select the one which you like, and book it. If you look at the profiles yourself, most of the girls are super-pretty, sexy and extremely glamorous. One look at them, you would realize why most of the men are willing to cheat on their Continue to read the rest of the article…


Did Education Really Help Me?

“When Students cheat on exams it’s because our School System values grades more than Students value learning.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson During my entire education lifespan I have been a brilliant student, always performing well, getting highest grades and not to mention I was the modal student for all teachers. I have many awards and certificates to back-up my meritorious performance.  Today if I look back and think for a moment, are those awards helping me in anyway? Did those grades really help me learn the reality of how to be successful in life? In fact, now that I think Continue to read the rest of the article…


Sex Scandals and Fantasies!

“Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn reverence for life until we know how to understand sex.”  -Henry Ellis Sex scandals are happening almost every day. News is filled with endless account of possibly normal people who have turned into criminals due to their sexuality. The stories of childhood sex abuse no matter how disturbing it is to the regular minds, does not seem to end. We see scores of rapes happening around the globe. Child molestation in schools, playgrounds and even their own homes by people they trust has reached to alarming levels. Disturbing, Continue to read the rest of the article…


Timeless Life Lessons!!!! Do They Still Exist?

Few weeks back we all decided to go on a family trip for the weekend. We hired a driver as it was going to be a long drive and none of us was willing to drive for that long. The driver came early morning around 6 AM so that we could make an early start. We all packed, and put our luggage out. My mother was the last person to come out and as soon as she was out she saw that the driver was smoking. My mother cares for everyone and considers it her duty to correct lives of Continue to read the rest of the article…


Do We Need Another Renaissance Movement?

I have never shared a lot of personal things about myself on this blog, but due to some recent happenings I couldn’t stop myself from sharing some things. I was born and raised in a Muslim family. My mother is a strict religious person and she never even likes to hear anything against Islam even if inside she knows it’s true and that’s why we end up having lot of arguments. I know now that I cannot change her and likewise I cannot change the strong headed people who are living like these puppets since birth. Absolute Power The sect to which Continue to read the rest of the article…