Cooking Burns and Pancakes

“These Pancakes just tastes horrible, has no taste at all”, commented my mother as soon as she put one bite in her mouth. I tasted it then, yes it was not that great, kind of OK for me. But the comment was hurtful. It was not that I deliberately made bad food. I put in the same amount of effort, same amount of time, just my sheer back luck this time. Plus I’m not in Master Chef Competition that I’m cooking to be judged, so yes I don’t handle criticism well when I sweat in the kitchen and my efforts Continue to read the rest of the article…


Are You Living in the “What-If” Syndrome?

If there is one word that connects all of us together is “Worry”. We all worry, some a lot, some not so much, but during my life span so far I have met few people who clearly top the list. They would always visualize the worst case scenario and even have a strong belief that it could happen. A hurricane of “what-ifs” would spin in their heads as they plan their routine. What if I can’t pay the loan in 1 year? What if I become critically ill? What if my daughter does not get married? What if I become Continue to read the rest of the article…


Why Are You Still Angry?

“You are doing it again”, I told my friend last night while we were dining out with a bunch of college friends. “Doing what?” she asked. “Crib about past”, I told her. “You just keep iterating about your suffering and hurt in front of everyone whenever you meet him because you just cannot grow past it.” She was dating a guy from our group and he broke her heart by having an affair. She never could come out of it and whenever we met, she would mention about that incident and how much she suffered. Initially it was ok, we Continue to read the rest of the article…


Is God on Facebook?

We are all on Facebook and we are even addicted to it. But it was about time I put down this article out of sheer frustration watching my close friends and relatives turn into full-fledged religion spammers on Internet. It would have been ok if they were selling some products, but this time they are selling religion which in my opinion is simply Bull Shit. I’m talking about people on my friend list wasting my time posting photographs of God and verses from various holy books and trying to convince me to “Like” their status or comment coz if I Continue to read the rest of the article…


Sex, Pleasure, Lust and Rape

Today when I opened the newspaper, I was shocked. A 62 year old woman was raped. I always assumed that men lusted for young girls to satisfy their sexual desires and raped them in the process. But when I read about this poor old woman, I was left to thinking that why did men feel it right to rape a female? Is rape purely defined by Lust? If it was only about sex then a man can have sex with his wife, with hookers, or with his girlfriends. You don’t need to force yourself on a stranger for this. So Continue to read the rest of the article…


My Life, My Way

We call ourselves to be part of a democratic society, a liberal society where individuals are sovereign and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for others. I will live my life my way. When I was young I had a strong belief that when I become an adult I will get to live my life the way I want. But I was wrong. Family, bosses, friends, government, neighbors, society began to force themselves into my life and control it the way they wanted. As I kept growing, the freedom to live my way became lessor and lessor. Continue to read the rest of the article…


No Illusions, No worries, No Control

We as humans live to worry and not just simple worry, a lot of worry which in no time turn into an obsession. Think about it, when you go for a routine physical examination, you constantly keep worrying of what will happen. You anxiously keep waiting for the whole day till the reports comes only to see everything was all right.  I remember the times when I used to sometimes work late nights in office, my Mom always kept worrying about me. She would stay awake till I didn’t come home and as soon as I open the door, first Continue to read the rest of the article…


What IF Marriage is Off the Plate?

“I’m in love with someone who is just perfect and I plan to live the rest of my life with him”, declared my friend Susan over a cup of coffee yesterday. She continued, “He is an amazing partner and a wonderful friend and really the one with whom I dream of having a family with”. My natural response was, “so when do we hear the wedding bells?” “When did I say I want to get married”, Susan said casually.  I didn’t respond to her statement for a moment and started thinking, why would two people who are deeply in love Continue to read the rest of the article…


Destiny or Fate?

Your destiny is shaped according to the combination of conditions pre-determined at birth and other factors that you are able to change through your own efforts. ~ From: “The Essence of Buddha”.  People say that we are born with our own destiny and even before being born our fate is sealed. Be it Fate or Destiny both define what we will end up getting in our life. But is Fate and Destiny same? We read religious books, we pray to God and we believe that he writes in his books what happens to us and we accept it no matter Continue to read the rest of the article…


Ah! The Sacrifices We Make

We all have to do what we have to do! We are born with responsibilities and we simply need to fulfill them no matter what, there is no running away. We crib, we hurt, we cry with what life brings for us, but we do those things anyways. A friend of mine doesn’t like his job and dreads going every morning, but he has to go in order to feed his family. My colleague was recently offered a lucrative job in a far off city but was thinking about whether success was worth leaving his old parents alone. Sacrifices! We Continue to read the rest of the article…