How Top IB School Deceives You During Admission Process?

When it comes to getting your child admitted in a good school, Mumbai seems to be the worst. Starting from October, it’s crazy, parents are running headless filling forms of all possible schools irrespective of the fact whether it’s close or far, good or bad. Everyone talks of donation, “if we don’t get through the direct interview process then donation is always an option”. Agents are charging anywhere between 5 Lacs to 10 Lacs depending on the school you want.

I also am presently going through the same phase, hoping to get into a decent school. One such great school is BIS (Bombay International School). Everyone told me that getting into that school is next to impossible, but I said what the heck, let me at least give it a shot. So here’s the short and sweet ordeal, we didn’t get through at the end of it just like the way everyone said.

The forms were issued online, you had to fill a very long form that asked you more questions than you would have to answer if you were appearing for a job interview. At the end you were asked to pay 4000 INR, which I personally feel is a lot of money especially for a school where chances of admission are NIL.

Still I paid the price and waited for the next step. The next round was a questionnaire round which was again online, you were given a timeslot on a Sunday and there were 6 questions asked. All the questions were horribly tricky like “what action school can take against you if you are not able to fulfil your duties towards the school”.

Anyways, we gave the questions and again waited for the next step. Surely they cannot reject you without seeing the kid at least once. You have paid 4000, so the least they can do is call for a meet once.

But no, after waiting for almost a month, you get 1 email saying, “We regret to inform you that we cannot proceed further with your application”.

That’s it, no reason, no justification for this crappy selection process where they clearly ripped you off for that money and don’t even bother to give a reason for doing that.

I got a little upset, so wrote an email to them, “what was the reason for rejecting, you didn’t even meet us, or our kid who is super smart. So how can you just reject like this”.

As expected, the school never replied to my email and here I’m just trying to vent out my disappointment on the so called admission process in Mumbai. This is not against the school but against the entire process which makes it so difficult for parents to secure a good school. About time when government intervenes and makes some rules like “area preference”, etc.

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