Crushing a Woman Layer by Layer

Rape, the word itself gives you chills and you instantly feel empathy towards the victim and anger towards the culprit. Rape crushes a woman completely but what happens when there is no physical assault but an assault on a woman’s soul. At birth, a child is a child. A child doesn’t know that he/she is 

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Being Late to Work – Always!

Everyone once in a while is late to work, it’s understandable, you can get stuck in traffic, rains, lift, car broke down, etc. etc. Lots and lots of possibilities are there because the entire world seems to be conspiring against you from reaching to your holy workplace on time where for the next 10 hours 

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The Murder of Peace!!!!

There is a constant chaos where I live…I don’t call it my house because I’m living with my husband’s parents so technically it’s their home.. From the moment you enter the house, chaos starts, someone is shouting on someone, someone is cribbing about something, no one really seems to be happy with each other. Family 

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