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Confessions of An Escort – What they think about Sex, Love and Fun!

Recently one of my clients came to me with a requirement to make a website for an elite escort agency. It’s not a usual request, but I eventually took up the work just to get some diversity in my portfolio.

The website is simple, it lists online profiles of various escorts, you can browse through them, select the one which you like, and book it.

If you look at the profiles yourself, most of the girls are super-pretty, sexy and extremely glamorous. One look at them, you would realize why most of the men are willing to cheat on their wives and date these escorts even for just one night.

Prostitution, whores, these are the terms which have been considered as a taboo if spoken in open. People consider that these women have no dignity and are doing a shameless job, probably that’s why most of the countries have also made this profession illegal.

But if this profession is really that bad then why are so many girls going into it?

Men have labelled females who get money in return of sex as shameful. They would probably never take these girls home to introduce to their parents and yet in the night they would be more than willing to spend thousands of dollars to spend just one night with them. We all know what men and the society think of escorts, but what intrigued me the most is, “What do the escorts think of these men who pay them for sex?”

Prostitution is just like any other job, you do the work and you get paid for it. I’m sure there are plenty of escorts who enjoy what they do. And then there are some who hate men in general and consider this as an opportunity to punish them. Surprisingly, I found out that most of the escorts do this work only as part-time and when they are not on their dates, they are doing other jobs such as accounting, sales, etc. You see them during the day and they would be any man’s dream, an ideal sexy housewife.

So, I decided to ask one of the escorts as to her opinion about her work.

“Sex is my profession and money is really good”. She highlighted the fact that a girl working part-time as an escort can earn as much as a successful lawyer working on Wall Street. “If the guy likes you, then you can get anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 in just one night.”

Prostitution is not just about sex, she goes on to say, “Men don’t hire escorts just for sex, rather they seek other forms of female companionship as well. They are looking for reassurance and comfort in the form of even a simple hug to make them feel liked by the opposite sex”.

Sometimes all they need is a little spice in their sex lives so that they can go home and love their wives better.

She concludes, “I would agree that it is not always a green pasture in this industry, it has both ups and downs. Sometimes you end up meeting the wrong type of guys who would be even brutal. But eventually what I love the most about my work is that it is one profession where females can empower men. The idea of men coming to me to help meet their desires and make their lives better, is what keeps me going strong”.

Before I decided to work on this project, I was sceptic about escorts and had a completely different mind-set regarding their profession. But I must say, after speaking to a few of them and getting some insights, it’s not what it looks like. Eventually any work you do should spread love and bring happiness to your life, and if you love what you do, then it does not matter what others think. Perception of right and wrong differs with individuals, but most importantly it should sound right in your heart.


Did Education Really Help Me?

“When Students cheat on exams it’s because our School System values grades more than Students value learning.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

During my entire education lifespan I have been a brilliant student, always performing well, getting highest grades and not to mention I was the modal student for all teachers. I have many awards and certificates to back-up my meritorious performance. advanced-education-job

Today if I look back and think for a moment, are those awards helping me in anyway? Did those grades really help me learn the reality of how to be successful in life? In fact, now that I think of, I do not even remember a lot of things I learned in schools and colleges for which I scored A grades that time. It’s not that I’m dumb, but what seemed important at that time is no longer relevant. I was then focused on trying to cram the words into my brains so that I would just write that down on my papers without really trying to picture how it would fit in the reality. My goal was just one, get highest marks.

So, were my parents really stupid enough to send me to school, then to college and on top of it to post-grad college too? Did they not know that these educational institutes are not going to teach me anything and that these degrees and awards will not matter in the struggle of real life success?

It was neither my parents fault, nor mine. It is how our education system is built today, you get high grades and you are suddenly a genius, you fail and you become a matter of shame. I have seen parents boasting their kid’s grades all the time and mentioning how brilliant he/she is. But just coz your kid is not performing well in school, does not mean he is stupid. This is one lesson which probably all famous scientists and businessmen learned early and hence dropped out of schools and colleges to learn something which was more meaningful.

I was not able to learn this lesson before and hence finished my studies. But what I did learn was that I was not cut out for the typical jobs which are defined by default once you finish your degree. For e.g. if you are a software engineer, you will end up with a job of a coder/programmer. Or if you are a MBBS, you will for sure work in some hospital as a doctor.

I never liked to be part of the cattle herd, and probably that is why I feel that education from books has not helped me much really. I wouldn’t say that going to school or college was wrong, in fact it was one of the best times of my life. I got to live other real life experiences there which probably are helping me a lot today.

But this is just me, right, what does everybody else think? So, I decided to evaluate what my friends and classmates think about their education. They gave me 4 responses of why they chose to study:

  1. Get a “real” job
  2. Learn and enhance knowledge
  3. Get big pay check, doesn’t matter what kind of Job I do
  4. To add another degree to my resume

Point #2 still makes sense, but rest of them are simply crap. But sadly, this is what is happening in reality. Almost 95% of my classmates from my graduate school were not interested in what they were studying, they just wanted to finish the course and get a job as an IT consultant which they did not even liked, but which paid big salaries.

Today, I can say that I’m a graduate, but I feel saddened to think that I wasted so many years of my life studying things which I no longer remember now.